About Us

I was born in Baytown, Texas. Raised in Barrett Station, Texas which is a settlement of Crosby, Texas. I’ve loved music as a small child reminiscent of my late mother R.I.P who always played R & B music to me and my only sibling every morning. I attended Prairie View A&M back in the early 90’s and moved to Houston, Texas shortly afterwards. I was always a fan of Hip Hop since Run DMC. I started producing music after seeing and living studio life back in the 90’s. The love evolved and introduced Jay Da Sinnusta to the game as a producer/artist. I’ve always made music for the love until one day I was offered money for my talent. It was a marriage made for the long haul. I’ve been in and around music ever since.

Locked in since the 90’s

I’ve been producing music since early 90’s and continue to grow. We are ready to let the world hear Uncle Jimmy Beats!

life is Too $hort

Still on

Be Inspired by Everything

I find inspiration all around me. I try to make my music representative of myself and many generations. I love the places that most people don’t give a second glance.